Acalanes High School Computer Science

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Welcome to AP Computer Science! As expected, this course is built around the AP Exam. The course is divided into three major components. First, we explore most of the course concepts in the context of Karel J. Robot. After karel, the course digs further into Java syntax and classes. You will explore strings, primitive data types, create classes, design interfaces, write recursive methods and understand how computer memory works. Finally, the course directly prepares for the AP Exam. This includes completing the AP Labs as well as using past materials to prepare for the exam format.

After the AP Exam, we will look at some basic robotics. We will further our programming skills with a Robocode competition as well as design and build robots using the Hummingbird Robotics Kit. HERE are some past examples of robots that were built in the class.

Introduction to Computer Programming


Welcome to computer programming at Acalanes High School! This course is intended for students who have had zero prior programming experience. All you need is a familiarity with how computers work and a willingness to think, problem solve and pay attention to details. This course covers a broad spectrum of programming languages. You will learn how to create music videos, games and write simple programs using a block based language called scratch. You will also learn how the web works by developing your own webpage (this is also how you will turn in your assignments). After you've gotten comfortable with the major programming constructs we will move into Java and learn how to program both virtual and real robots! Finally, we will look at Python and develop a video game from the ground up. See the course calendar and syllabus below for further details. Enjoy!

APCS Principles NEW!


AP Computer Science Principles offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts. AP Computer Science Principles will give students the opportunity to use technology to address real-world problems and build relevant solutions. Together, these aspects of the course make up a rigorous and rich curriculum that aims to broaden participation in computer science.